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Oh how He loves us.

love this…


I made you. You are different. You’re unique. With love I formed you in your mother’s womb. I remember with great pleasure the days I created you.

To me, you’re beautiful… I love you. I love to hear your laugh and the silly things you say and do. You are yourself and no one else. This is how I made you.

I made you attractive, but not stunning because I know your heart and knew you would be vain. I wanted you to search out your heart and learn that it would be me in you that would draw friends to you.

I made you in such a way that you would need me. I made you a little more lonesome than you would like to be, only because I want you to turn to me in your loneliness. I made you a little more dependent than you would like to be, only because I want you to lean and depend on me.

I know your heart. I know if I had not made you like this you would go your own chosen way and forget about me…your CREATOR. I have given you many good and happy things because I love you. I have seen your broken heart and the tears you have cried all alone. I have been with you and have a had a broken heart too.

Many times you have stumbled and fallen alone, only because you would not take my hand. So many lessons you have learned the hard way because you would not listen to my voice. So many times I have sat back and sadly watched you go your merry way alone, only to watch you return to my arms sad and broken. 

And now you are mine again. I made you and then I bought you. I paid a high price for you because I loved you.

I have to reshape and mold you, to renew you to what I had planned you to be. It has not been easy for you…or for me. I want you to be conformed to my image. This high goal I have set for you because…



whatever is lovely, whatever is praiseworthy: learning about loneliness and the heart of God


we all have things that we fear, things that we truly would avoid at any cost. there are those really odd fears like leukophobia, which is the fear of the color white or taphophobia, the fear of being buried alive. more commonly, public speaking or spiders or heights stimulate fear in people….

oh. my. gosh. — @kae_mac (Katelyn McCarthy) acoustically remixes the song Boyfriend by Justin Bieber. #boomtown

To Those Who Wait - Bethany Dillon

can’t wait for this EP to come out in two weeks! been waiting for her to make this available to everyone =)

ah. powerful lyrics. truth spoken. love so much. 

"So I won’t run anymore…I’m waiting on you."


Give me Jesus.

Been shown lately of how GOOD the Lord is. I’m praying that I daily can wake up and just taste Jesus on who he is and be satisfied. Oh glory, how that would change my ENTIRE day. Please take the world, just give me Jesus. I can’t wait to go home. Going to Passion2012 gave me a TINY glimpse of what heaven will be like. Dang, I can’t wait. Worshipping the Lord forever and ever is going to be greater than anything amazing here on earth. My heart longs for that. Until then…my heart needs to be obedient to His voice daily. May the joy of the Lord fill me up and overflow into the people I interact with. 

" Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man that takes refuge in him." Psalm 34:8

6 months…really?

once again, horrible at keeping up with these blogs. I’d really love to be a person that can, but I always suck. ah, last post: May

wow, so much has happened.
1. two of my best friends moving away #heartbreaking
2. new co leaders for cell group (they are amazing)
3. enrolling in DownLine
4. learning so much on trusting in the Lord with everything — growing in uncomfortable situations that have forced me to take leadership (only by His strength)
5. awesome community group

get like us

oh you know…just my cell group being themselves =)

my cell group is awesome =) #everydayimshufflin



check this out. amazing stuff.


love their harmony =) can’t wait to record more.

#9thgraders #legit #cellgroup